thinkbank designs and conducts customised market research in Iraq through a wide range of methodologies, providing advanced analytics and helping international and local clients understand the Iraqi consumer. We provide our clients with accurate data and high-quality insights that support and fuel strategic business decisions.

Our clients range from major global brands to leading local brands, including Lafarge, Careem, Viber, Qaiwan Group. We work across a diverse range of sectors, including media, telecoms, FMCG, retail, construction and stakeholder research.

Founded in 2018, thinkbank is a British-Iraqi full-service research company drawing on 20 years of research experience and combines the best of local experience with international expertise, operating to ESOMAR standards. We’re based in Erbil and have teams of researchers on the ground across Iraq, as well as a network of consultants across the Middle East and UK. We’re fluent in Arabic, Kurdish and English. Our local expertise and network of connections means we can operate across the whole country, including hard-to-reach locations such as Mosul, Kirkuk and disputed territories.

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ESOMAR Corporate Membership Information

Our Research Services

thinkbank is a full-service research company with all the research capabilities of an international agency. We are also Iraq specialists and understand the unique challenges faced conducting market research in Iraq. We ensure our clients’ research projects run smoothly with a focus on quality standards – we only speak to the right respondents, we know how to recruit hard-to-reach samples and we never sub-contract our fieldwork.

Our services include brand health, consumer tracking, concept testing, advertisement and campaign evaluation, media monitoring, market entry consultancy, and feasibility studies. We conduct both qualitative and quantitative research via Face-to-face, CATI and online methodologies. We regularly provide advanced analytics and we are happy to consult with and guide clients on how to make the data sweat.

We are always interested to discuss research requirements are happy to meet for a consultation at the early planning stages. Please get in touch at info@thinkbankiraq.com



Surveys conducted via CATI, online or F2F using tablets, thus allowing real time monitoring and reliably collected data.



Focus groups and depth interviews with target respondents let by experienced moderators and interviewers.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Design and implementation of mystery shopping, including recruitment and briefing of shoppers.



We provide both qualitative and quantitative fieldwork services for agencies requiring ESOMAR standards in Iraq. We cover all Iraq and do not sub-contract.



We cover the whole research process from data collection design to fieldwork, data processing, analysis and quality reporting.



Advanced statistical analysis to provide clearer insight, including driver analysis, conjoint analysis, cluster analysis, brand maps.

Asked to take part in one of our surveys?

If you have been asked to take part in one of our surveys and would like to understand more about what market research, please read below.

What is market research?

Many organizations such as retailers, product brands or advertisers benefit from better understanding their customers’ wants and needs. They do this by asking customers or potential customers questions through surveys or in focus groups – this is market research. The purpose of the research could be to understand how people feel about a company or brand, to develop a new product or test an existing one, or to test advertising effectiveness.

Are my identity and answers anonymous?

Yes. Market research organizations like thinkbank are required to respect respondent privacy. thinkbank never shares the personal data details of anyone taking part in our research and every answer is anonymous. It is our duty to ensure everyone is comfortable taking part in our research. We just want honest answers as this is the best way to improve your experience as a consumer.

thinkbank is a corporate member of Esomar and so operates at international standards which includes a duty to those we ask to participate in our research. You can find out more about international standards here.

Contact Us

If you have a research brief or just want to discuss how thinkbank can support your wider business and research objectives, please get in touch via

Email: info@thinkbankiraq.com

Call: +964 750 343 1729

Iskan, Erbil, Iraq

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