Introducing Iraqi consumers Rezhna and Walid

In March we ran the first-ever Iraq Consumer Survey 2020. You can find out more about how we ran the survey here.

One of the most interesting parts of the process was speaking to young Iraqis such as Rezhna and Walid – learning about their attitudes towards being online, finance and shopping. Iraq has one of the fastest growing young populations in the Middle East, with an estimated 57% of people under 25.

Rezhna and Walid’s profiles bring to life some of the information illuminated by the survey data in the main whitepaper, and puts younger Iraqis in the spotlight – so we’d like to introduce you to them here in this blog post.


Rezhna lives in Sulaymaniyah in northern Kurdistan. As a young Iraqi female, she’s helping lead the charge with online shopping and increasing the popularity of Instagram in particular. She’s not very financially curious, relying primarily on cash payments. 


Walid is Baghdadi, older than Rezhna by a decade and with additional financial and family responsibilities. Accordingly, he’s curious to know more about banks and their facilities, in case they could be useful. But he’s also fairly wary of them. It’s a bit harder for him to get online, but he still manages it fine and likes to seek out good deals through the internet – especially for electronics.

To find out more about Rezhna and Walid, together with additional insights about young Iraqi consumers such as them – read thinkbank’s full whitepaper here.

Caroline McGarrIntroducing Iraqi consumers Rezhna and Walid
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